About Newmarket Lions Club

The Newmarket Lions Club is a network of community minded volunteers. We provide financial assistance to individuals in need- such as help paying for prescription drugs, eye glasses, mobility aids, etc; we help out schools in need of funding for things like delousing, breakfast programs, end of year trips for students in need; and we run yearly programs for the betterment of the Newmarket Community.  The following are programs we run every year:

Coats for Kids

Vision Screening

Eyeglass Recycling

Effective Speaking

Reading Action

Santa Fund


Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation.

2020-2021 A Year in Review

During the 2020/2021 fiscal year, the Newmarket Lions Club was able to overcome the many challenges presented by the pandemic. The Club continued to live up to our motto “We Serve”. The Club’s Santa Fund program was able to find a new venue and continued to support families in need. 340 Food vouchers were distributed in a 2-day blitz! Our Coats for Kids program, in conjunction with the Newmarket North Lions, was sporadic, but 240 winter coats were distributed. Meals were provided at the Inn From The Cold shelter and a donation was made to the local Food Pantry. We cleaned up the community and sponsored a Lions Club District Peace Poster winner from Maple Leaf public school! The Club rose to the challenge and found new ways to serve our community! Snacks provided to front line workers, tablets donated to Seniors Homes, Long-Term Care residents and the Margaret Bahen hospice, patient care packages for Southlake hospital, and financial support was provided to the Paediatric Cancer unit of Southlake. The Newmarket Lions Club celebrates 90 years of service to the Newmarket community in 2021 and we will continue to serve into the future!

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