Newmarket Lions Catch The Ace Lottery.

Newmarket Lions Support Southlake Hospital Mental Health Program
Proceeds from the Lottery will go towards the $7.5 million dollar expansion of the Southlake Mental Health Services

Newmarket Lions Catch The Ace Lottery.

November 30, 2021.



Finding the ACE
is worth approximately

Calendar of Draws
Regular draws will be held  every Tuesday at the Newmarket Royal Canadian Legion, 707 Srigley St Newmarket, 6:00 pm until the Ace of Spades is found.

Catch the Ace Rules


  • Ticket purchasers must be 18 years of age or older on the date the ticket is purchased and be in the Province of Ontario at the time of purchase
  • Ticket price is $5.00
  • Newmarket Lions Club reserves the right to limit the number of tickets sold per person
  • Weekly draws will be held Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm at Newmarket Legion, 707 Srigely St Newmarket
  • Ticket sales will cease two hours before the draw except at the draw location. Online ticket sales will cease at 12:00 noon on the day of the draw.
  • One deck of 52 playing cards will be placed in individual envelopes and randomly numbered 1 to 52 inclusive and will be on display at the weekly draw
  • The ticket purchaser must complete the ticket including name, telephone number, email address and envelope number from the list of available numbers on the Available Numbers Control Sheet. Online ticket purchasers must include their mailing address as well as their name, telephone number, email address and envelope number.
  • The ticket purchaser is responsible for ensuring the ticket is filled out completely
  • The weekly winner shall be selected by drawing one ticket from a drum containing all of the tickets sold that week.
  • The person conducting the draw will then open the envelope corresponding to the number noted on the selected ticket. If the envelope does not contain the Ace of Spades the envelope and the card will be destroyed. The weekly winner will receive 20% of the week’s ticket sales. If the envelope contains the Ace of Spades the winner will receive the value of the Ace of Spade pool and 20% of the week’s ticket sales. Once the Ace of Spades is selected the lottery ends.
  • In the event the ticket purchaser failed to enter an envelope number on the ticket, the person conducting the draw will select the lowest even number envelope. In the event there is no even number envelope then the lowest uneven numbered envelope shall be selected.
  • In the event the envelope number listed on the ticket has already been selected in a previous draw, the next highest number will be selected.
  • Tickets are only valid for the draw they were purchased for.
  • All draws will be video recorded to guarantee the integrity of the draw
  • Purchasers of online tickets will receive an email containing a scanned copy of their ticket.
  • In the event of a winning ticket being held by a person who is in contravention of the rules, the ticket holder will not be awarded the prize.
  • Refunds will only be allowed until 12:00 noon on the date of the draw.
  • The Newmarket Lions Club guarantees the Catch the Ace progressive raffle prize will pay out a minimum of nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($9,999.00)

The Ontario Problem Gambling telephone number is: 1-888-230-3505

Buy your Catch the Ace Tickets Online

Please select your envelope number(s) from the Available Envelope Control Sheet and enter your selection in the Envelope No. box. If purchasing multiple tickets and want separate envelope number for each ticket, enter all envelope numbers.

Catch the Ace Results Week 22

CONGRATULATIONS, Carlo LOFTUS our Week  22 Winner!

Carlo selected envelope number 45, which contained the Aof Spades

Carlo won the Jackpot of $26,950.50

This brings our current Lottery to an end.

What is Catch the Ace

Catch the Ace Lottery is a Progressive Lottery.

Each week tickets are sold for the opportunity to select the Ace of Spades from a deck of 52 regular playing cards. Prior to the draw, each of the 52 playing cards were placed in brown envelopes. The envelopes were shuffled and numbered 1 to 52.

When tickets are purchased the buyer chooses an envelope number  from a list of available numbers, then enters the number on their ticket.

Each week one ticket is drawn. The holder of that ticket automatically wins 20% of that week’s sales. The envelope number noted on the ticket is opened. If the card inside is not the Ace of Spades the card is destroyed and is no longer available for future draws. If the envelope selected is the Ace of Spades then the lottery is finished and the ticket holder wins the weekly prize plus the Ace of Spades pot.

Each week the Ace of Spades progressive pot grows by 30% of the weekly sales.

Each week the lucky winner of the draw receives 20% of the weekly sales.

Video Recording of Draw of Week 21

Draw Preparation Steps